Tamara Oniani

UX designer

I'm a UX designer who enjoys working with complex systems, finding root causes of problems and coming up with creative solutions.

About me

In 2016, as I was finishing up my general education at the Salt Lake Community College, I was faced with a career decision. I've always had a broad range of interests and choosing one thing to do for years to come felt extremely overwhelming. I knew I was drawn to creative fields and I wanted to try my hand in digital space, but at that time I had no idea what this entailed. After seeking out advice, my brother in law told me I'd do great as a product designer. Next thing I knew I was taking introductory product design classes at the University of Utah and every single project I was working on was filling me with the level of excitement I didn't know I could experience.

My favorite part of every design project is the discovery phase. I love digging into ideas and uncovering deeper connections between systemic problems.

Currently I work as a UX designer at Dyno Nobel with a team of talented people who inspire me every day. I've been with the company for about 1.5 years and I've learned so much about interpersonal relationships, collaboration and my own work preferences.

As I progress on my career path I hope to grow as a designer and a mentor. Apart from my full time job at Dyno Nobel, I've been working as a teaching assistant at the University of Utah's UX/UI bootcamp, where I get to share my knowledge and experience with other creatives. I hope to become a better mentor and help others through their design journey.

If anyone asks...

I'll be hyper-focusing on a recently picked up hobby or two: painting, jewelry making, linocut printmaking, aquascaping, candle making...